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A John Deere Combine During Harvest Time

Farm Insurance

Farm insurance helps you protect your investments and livelihood, providing coverage for livestock, farm equipment, and even your home and other structures on your property. With the right coverage, you can rest assured that your farm is protected in case of a disaster or unforeseen event.


Vehicles and Equipment

Auto, truck and tractor insurance


Property and Livestock

Farm and Ranch, Property, Homeowners, Barn, Livestock



Farm Liability and Product Liability


Farm Type

Agritourism, Cattle, Dairy, Livestock, Row Crop


Specialty Endorsements

Custom work, manure handling, pollution, overspray, and employee work comp


Farm Umbrella

Umbrella policies are quite affordable and are a great way to protect assets.  Umbrella policies can help cover legal fees, settlement costs, and other expenses for covered losses, along with coverage for situations not covered by your underlying policy, such as libel and slander.   

Farm equipment get bigger every year making it difficult to share the road.  If you hurt someone in their car while you’re moving your combine from field to field and that person sues you, an umbrella could offer you coverage.  A common question is: "How much of an umbrella do I need?"  The answer can be complex.  In the past, many people purchased $1,000,000 and felt that was adequate.  An umbrella policy, if used in a lawsuit situation, could need to cover medical claims, salaries, and pain and suffering.  As farm land prices have increased, it is more common today for a client to carry an umbrella closer to their family’s net worth.

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