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Intego at the Root

  • 1984 Donna Nelson began her insurance career at an Alden bank. 

  • 1999 Donna established her own agency, Donna Nelson Insurance, at her home in rural Alden.

  • 2010 Brady Gooden joined the staff of Donna Nelson Insurance after 6 years in the industry with a different company.

  • 2013 Sarah Nelson joined her mom’s agency and moved back to her hometown. She had previously spent 12 years as a commodity broker and risk management consultant.

  • 2014 Donna starts to transition the business to the next generation by selling the agency to Sarah.

  • 2015 Agency is renamed Intego Insurance Services, Inc., representing the new ownership. Donna celebrates selling the agency by retiring.

  • 2016 Intego relocates the office to Albert Lea. 

  • 2019 Madison Erickson joins the team, after being a summer intern in 2017. 

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Intego Insurance Agents in 2022 for their Retro Throwback Team Pictures
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